Sponsor's Stories

Many friends of Nurses International have partnered together to teach nurses around the world by sponsoring modules and courses within the NI Open Access Project. We're honored by their partnership! Read about the people who mean so much to this project below:

In Loving Memory Of Gloria Margaret Cloud

Margaret, Cindy, Susan, Davy, Joe, Lynette, Beau, and Doresa have sponsored the Fundamentals of Nursing Course to benefit nurses around the world in honor of Gloria Margaret Cloud.

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In Memory of Nancy Urwin:

Wilma "Jean" Wiseman: Oncology Module

A member of the NI Faculty has sponsored the Oncology Modules in honor of her beloved grandmother.

Wilma "Jean" Wiseman was passionate about caring for her family and singing in the church choir. Throughout her battle with cancer, she wore a smile on her face and was an inspiration to many. Her legacy lives on among her children and grandchildren, along with all of the infants - many of whom are now grown adults - that she cared for in the church nursery.

Bonnie Velez Community Health I

Bonnie Velez MSN, RN, FNP has worked tirelessly designing course materials and coordinating course creation and volunteers. Not only has Bonnie served in this way, but she also partners with Nurses International as a sponsor. We can't believe what a big heart she has. Thank you, Bonnie! It's the honor of Nurses International to dedicated Community Health I to you!

Margaret Stacey: Physical Assessment Course

Nurses International dedicates the Physical Assessment course to Margaret Stacey, LVN. Margaret believes that nursing was a special calling. She began working as a cardiac nurse when open heart surgeries were new. She also worked in rehab and endoscopy. Each new place of service had new lessons to teach her about service as she served with the power of love that she experienced personally in relationship with Christ.

Stephanie Terry PhD, RN, CNE : Cultural Diversity

With Joy, Nurses International announces Dr. Terry's sponsorship of the lesson in Cultural Diversity. Dr. Terry has over 20 years of nursing and nursing education experience working in a variety of areas that include healthcare and community-based facilities, and the academic setting, serving in the roles of nursing faculty, department head of nursing, chair of allied health programs, program director, and assistant professor.

Dr. Terry has taught in the diploma, undergraduate, and graduate degree levels of academia with areas of expertise focused on leadership, mentoring nursing faculty, instructional development with an emphasis on active learning, retention and student success. Dr. Terry has been married for 21 years and share three beautiful daughters with her husband, one from their union and two inherited through marriage. When she is not working, Dr. Terry enjoys spending time with her family, especially her two-year-old granddaughter; reading a good novel; relaxing at the beach; traveling and experiencing great cuisines with good company. Dr. Terry serves her community by being a mentor of Chi Eta Phi, Inc. Sorority and Reach Initiative, Inc. Both organizations provide different services throughout the year for the community such as health fairs and educational seminars. She also loves giving back to her profession of nursing and serves on the Board of Directors for her Chapter of the Virginia Nurses Association. Dr. Terry has a strong faith base. She believes in being a humble servant. She has been blessed and believe in blessing others by passing along knowledge or lending her skills. She believes strongly in Luke 12:48 which states, “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.”

Hannah Gubitz MSN, RN, PhD(c), CRC :

I grew up thinking I knew and understood the connection, joy, and life-changing nature of nursing and education. I had seen nurses love on and encourage my family. I had seen educators support and encourage my siblings and my friends. Then, seven years ago, when I started nursing school, I learned the power of nursing educators. They sit with, support, challenge, and embrace the students who will shape healthcare and save lives. They changed my life and helped shape me into the nurse that I am today, with passion for both nursing and teaching.

While I currently teach clinical rotations for community health and mental health in a BSN program, finding Nurses International was very powerful for me. Working with NI has allowed me to practice nursing and education in a way that teaching face-to-face doesn’t. Not only do I get to invest in my local students, I get to encourage and invest in students around the world who will change global healthcare for the better. This work has also been incredibly humbling. I’ve gotten to dig back into my chemistry background and look at nursing through an outside lens again. I’ve had to rethink how I digest and present information to make sure it’s accessible and understandable. Working with NI has made me a better educator and a better nurse. I may not have the money, resources, or time to travel the world providing education, but I get to help an incredible group of nurses doing amazing work around the world, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Regina Beard, EdD, MSN, RN: Vital Signs

Regina Beard, EdD, MSN, RN, currently serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Services for Texas A&M Systems and has an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor in the Texas A&M College of Nursing as well as the Department of Medical Education in the College of Medicine. She is a member of the Opioid Task Force and is Director of Project ECHO whose current focus is on Behavioral Health conditions, especially Opioid Use Disorder. She oversees the Office of Interprofessional Education, Global Health and the Clinical Learning Resource Center for the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

A registered nurse for more than 40 years and an educator for nearly 35 years, her teaching interests include women’s health and obstetrical nursing, ethics in nursing, and interprofessional and international service learning. Active in outreach, Beard focuses on service learning and the development of cultural competency, with extensive experience in international and local service learning projects.

Thank you, Regina for sponsoring a lesson in Fundamentals of Nursing!

Grace Tazelaar RN, MSN: Medical-Surgical Nursing II

Medical-Surgical Nursing II has been dedicated to Grace Tazelaar RN, MSN by Sharon A. Falkenheimer, MD, MA (Bioethics), MPH, PhD

Grace, thank you for your extraordinary service and devotion on behalf of vulnerable people around the world.

Grace Tazelaar serves as the volunteer NCF Missions Director and as an advisory board member at Nurses International. Grace has played a pivotal role in the development of Nurses International with her personal mentorship of NI's founder and her group mentorship of the NI faculty.

Grace with her colleague Bishop Zac Niringiye

Grace shares, "I encourage nurses and nursing students to demonstrate God's love for the poor and underserved through nursing in the United States and abroad. My passion is helping the Church to include the concept of health, defined as shalom, as integral to the gospel message and to include healthcare missions as part of their ministry."

John and Diane Crews: Medical-Surgical Nursing I

John and Diane Crews, founders of Hope 4 Burundi, have nurtured the growth of Nurses International since the beginning. John and Diane, thank you for your love, care, and mentorship. Thank you for sponsoring the Medical-Surgical nursing course.