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Nurses International is launching an Oncology Nursing Course in partnership with NextGenU.org and sponsored by the Innovative Cancer Care Foundation (ICCF)!

Oncology Nurses are highly specialized professionals in the nursing field. Nurses typically interact closely with patients, but this is especially true in Oncology Nursing. Caring for cancer patients presents unique challenges, requiring specially trained and dedicated nurses who can handle diverse roles and complex patient needs. Cancer is a prevalent issue throughout the entire world; therefore, Oncology Nurses are in demand globally.

In South Africa, as in other countries, health systems predominantly depend on nurses. As such, a crucial aspect of effective cancer care is high-quality and expert Oncology Nurse training. Unfortunately, South African health systems like many others are experiencing a crisis in developing and training adequate numbers of health workers. Thus, the ICCF has developed an affordable Oncology Nursing Program to help facilitate Oncology Nurse education, thereby helping to resolve the nursing shortage.

This Oncology Nursing course will provide affordable and accessible education to nurses from all backgrounds. It will help increase the number of Oncology Nurses globally, improving health systems and cancer care worldwide. Nurses taking this course will develop the knowledge and skills to deliver effective, holistic, evidence-based care to cancer patients. Additionally, the course will equip them with the skills to communicate excellently, think critically, and make sound clinical judgments to provide high-quality patient care.

The course is open to registered nurses, nursing students, nurse educators, other healthcare professionals, and any other learners interested in caring for cancer patients. Education and healthcare institutions are welcome to use the course for their learners via the NextGenU.org platform. All learning materials are freely accessible so that you can learn on your own - no registration required. If you’d like to take quizzes, participate in activities, and earn a certificate of completion, you can register for the course here. Nurse Educators can also use the materials and require their students to register for the course and use our platform for free. Nurse Educators can contact us here to be connected to their cohort of students within the platform.

February: NI News

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February was a cold month in Minnesota but a hot month for Nurses International.

What's New?

The team made a lot of amazing things happen. We helped find a Spanish speaking speech therapist for a child in Honduras. We began work with our friends in Guatemala. Debrework returned from Ethiopia and shared about her amazing work networking and sharing NI Open Access Curriculum. And, we welcomed many new team members! Much gratitude for all you do to make this work possible!

Miriam Chickering, RN, BSN, IBCLC, CEO, NI with her husband, Shannon Chickering, ThM, MDiv

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